Videography Guidelines

Wedding Videography Guidelines
Videography guidelines are intended to preserve the religious nature of the wedding ceremony as a Christian worship service.
  • The videographer may preview church facilities with the Wedding Coordinator prior to the wedding date.
  • All equipment must be set up at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. The sanctuary must be completely prepared by that time.
  • The official videographer will meet briefly with the Wedding Coordinator upon arrival.
  • Flood lighting is not permitted. Video recording of weddings must be done with available light. Videographers and photographers are to remain as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Video camera locations are available:
    • At the rear of the sanctuary behind the last row of pews. This position may be staffed during the service, but the operator shall not move forward of the last row of pews.
    • In either archway to the sides of the chancel. A pre-focused unstaffed camera on a tripod may be used.
  • Microphones must be concealed so that they are not obvious or obtrusive.
All aisles, hallways, and passages are required to be kept clear of equipment and cords to comply with regulations and the State Fire Code. Power cords across doorways or aisles must be taped down.


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