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There are a lot of churches who make a big deal about telling people how to vote from the pulpit, recording the sermon, and sending it to the IRS. I will not be doing that.

Why? Because there is no political party on earth that is big enough to contain the full life and message of Jesus Christ. Jesus does not belong to a political party.

As United Methodists, we encourage each other to have a whole heart for God, to think with your whole mind, and to act as God leads you. For me and for most Americans, I certainly am led by God to vote, but I am specifically led by God not to tell you how you should vote.

A person came to the church office recently to give us a partisan political DVD to play in church. It was specifically against one candidate. She was appalled to find out that we were not going to play it in church. 

In the past, highly divisive campaigns have brought out people who think your cars are fair game for voting guides. If you find a voting guide on your windshield, it is not from this church.

We value your mind and heart, and re-affirm once again that we highly value worshipping and studying the Bible and having fellowship together with people who hold a wide variety of life-perspectives. May God bless you and stimulate you to have whole hearts for God and clear heads to think things through for yourself.

In Jesus Christ,

Pastor Brian Kent


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